Assalamualaikum Dunia !

This is the moment of truth. After watching all of the other group’s video. I was amazed. Almost all of them had a story to be told. While our video was all random. For me I guess. All random things about nature, and I did showed some faces of my groupmates. Me? In a video? Not in a million years. I’m a shy person la Dr.

We won because of all of the technical things. If we were judged based on the story that we were trying to convey. We will probably not be a winner.

The Final Presentation was fun. Having Dr. Maslawati and Dr Rosseni as the judge was quite….. umpphh ! ” Put description here”

Edutechnovation Day, this is a great event. I really think that this should be an inter-college event in UKM. Only then we will see the unsung talents in videography and graphic designing in UKM. It was fun for me and my friends. It was great !

Most of all, we get to know on how a production works. We gain knowledge through experience. Experience teaches us the most.

Well, what more could I say? We won. Thanks to all of my groupmates for the support. Especially for Pheonysia, she was there when I was stressed out. I like that, keep on being a friend like that.

For Dr Rosseni, all of your comments were great. Those improvements that you’ve asked us to do were awesome. Your dedication in guiding us. That means a lot to all of us.

Therefore, here are some pictures ! and of course #Cinta. Cintai.Alam


apikThe glory

Here’s the video. All of the hardwork, cramped into 5 minutes. Enjoy !

That is all from me ! I love you guys !

I almost cried when we were announced as the winner. But I didn’t, why? Because I was too tired from editing. I love you guys ! Muhang Oku dika !


Week 10 : The discussion goes on.

Assalamualaikum, so. We’ve got no class for this week. What did we do? We continued our discussion about the video that we will make. Where? In our whatsapp group lorh. No need to see face to face la nowadays. I poured all of the idea that I had in mind and most of the time they all agreed. We all agreed to proceed with a nature themed video. So, more work for me then. I’ll be the editor, the videographer etc and they will be the actors. Win – win situation la kot. I don’t care if I do all the work, this is what I love. I care when there is no unity when doing a work together. Unity is important kids ! Paling manang sudah tu !

Week 6: Photography for them, food for me.

Assalamualaikum Dr ! We went to Penang ! In a bus ! Together ! It was fun ! I loved Penang, I loved the buildings there and most of all I love the foods there. We supposed to go there for educational purpose, but I ended up filling my empty stomach all day long. Of course, I gained some more experience from  this trip. Thanks for the awesome trip Dr !

Week 5 : I’m a part of a group.

Assalamualaikum, well. Today I was asked to join Pheo’s group. It consists of me, Pheonysia, Syafiq, Nataliah and Farah. I’ve known all of them for a while now and I’ve been in a group with Pheo, Syafiq and Nat more than once now. It will all be fine.

I don’t know why, but they were excited to have me there. Maybe they are just using me so that they will get good marks? lol. Well, I’ve won an award for a video that I’ve made for an event last year. The Anugerah Kesenian UKM to be more exact. Am I bragging? Astaghfirullahalazim! I’m bragging! Bad me !

I chose Nature, and I have a feeling that this is going to be tough. That’s all for today Dr !

P/s: Only now I’ve known about the road trip to Penang. Why did not anyone told me earlier? Shafik is mad. hahaha XD

Week 4 : Le’ art de Photography

Assalamualaikum Dr ! We had no class for today, but we do have an assignment ! Well played Dr, well played.

Well, I present to you. The answers given by a guy named azrulshafik.

1.Genres in Photography

Well, to be honest. There’s a lot of genres in photograhy. There’s too many. Some of them are weird and some of them are awesome.

Food) Food Photography, well food photography is not that easy. It’s all about the richness of the colours and the details in the food. Simply taking pictures of food and then uploading it on Instagram does not make you a photographer. There’s more to it.

Nature) Who does not love nature? We put nature as a wallpaper for our desktop. The soothing green thingy the blue-ish sky. Everything about nature is great. But there are some photographers who shows nature in a dark manner. How it could be devastating and so on. But as far as I could see, nature photography is a craze for those are trying to tame themselves with photography.

Candid) The perfect moment type of photography. So many words in one picture. That is the aim in candid photography. That is what experience taught me though. ­čÖé

Portrait) The art of formal photography, the pictures that you want to show to people who are visiting your family. Usually the ones that you hung on the wall. That is my definition of portrait. Another thing, portrait is not always formal. Some of them are just extreme.

Macro) The art of taking pictures of super duper tiny things taken to the extreme. The most extreme close up if I might say. Usually used on taking pictures of insects and flowers.

Light) Not easy, hard. Tried it several times. Awesome but hard. It’s pain.

Anything else? There’s more, but I am not going to google it. Let my so cal experience┬átalk. ­čśÇ

2.Techniques in Photography

There’s a lot of techniques in photography, but let me simplified all of it in a few sentences. First of all, you have to know on how to adjust your camera manually to achieve the best photo. Especially in DSLR’s. What’s the point of owning it without exploring it?

Second thing, the lighting. Make sure there is proper lighting on your subject. Too much light and they will sparkle like Edward from the Twilight saga. Too low light, and you will not see your subject clearly.

Third, the angle. This is quite hard to master. Laying down on the road with your camera while trying to capture the image of your subject does not assure a great photo. Observe your surrounding, gain advantage from all of it.

3. How the shot should be taken?

How should it be taken? It is all based on the photographer. Not really, it is all based on the subject that you want to shoot. Then? Let your imagination run wild.

4. Preparation?

Depending on the money you have and your knowledge in photography. A good camera will not take a good photo without the right user. Just like Harry Potter’s wand. It won’t work well with voldemort, but with Harry. It’s wingardium leviosa and all those magical things.